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Company Vision

Because of the unique technology being utilised for depositing nanocrystalline layers of silicon, the process being developed by PTL extends to a number of commodity fibres, such as polyester and nylon. Many applications for our process are envisaged and these are set out below. Our process can also be adapted to include organic solar cells on textile fabrics. Other novel substrates for our process could also be used.

In view of the many applications envisaged, the development of our process will allow the company to offer it to a wide range of providers. On this basis, we propose to develop patentable technologies/techniques, either exclusively or jointly with other companies. PTL will function as a technology house and innovation hub:

  • Licensing our technology to companies for specific markets and applications
  • Developing our technology further in partnership with other companies, who have particular applications and markets in view
  • Providing technology advice and know-how to these companies in their quest to develop solar textile products