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About PTL

Power Textiles Limited (PTL) is a development company launched in 2007 as a result of a SMART:SCOTLAND award from the Scottish Government to Mather Technology Solutions. (Mather Technology Solutions is a small consultancy business, specialising in technical textiles, run by Robert Mather). PTL is based in Selkirk, in the heart of the Scottish Borders. The company’s competency and strategic activity are the development and optimisation of textile fabrics on which solar (photovoltaic) cells have been directly integrated. Our approach capitalises on the commercial awareness of the ever-increasing market for solar panels. PTL is linked to a partner company, Power Textiles Solutions Limited, based in Brentford, Essex, which acts as PTL’s commercial arm.

PTL is currently developing a solar cell coating process on a laboratory scale, in such a way that it can be scaled up to production level. This would be achieved by roll-to-roll coating on continuous fabric to produce solar cell arrays generating electricity in preselected combinations of current and voltage. A wide variety of applications is envisaged for this unique product, including agricultural applications, mounting for temporary accommodation (for refugees/emergency use/disaster areas), permanent fixtures on buildings (roofs/awnings) and military and defence applications.