About PTL

Power Textiles Limited (PTL) develops and optimises textile fabrics on which solar (photovoltaic) cells have been directly integrated.

Such fabrics have a wide variety of applications, including agricultural, disaster relief, architectural and military uses.

PTL is linked to a partner company, Power Textiles Solutions Limited, based in Brentford, Essex, which acts as PTL’s commercial arm.


polytunnel type structures made of power textile fabrics may provide significant amounts of powerWe believe that our unique photovoltaic battery concept, which is directly integrated onto fabric, could provide the agricultural and specialist growing sector with a product which may be more efficient and beneficial than the current growing systems, which include the use of poly tunnels.

Company Vision

Because of the unique technology being utilised for depositing nanocrystalline layers of silicon, the process being developed by PTL extends to a number of commodity fibres, such as polyester and nylon. Many applications for our process are envisaged and these are set out below. Our process can also be adapted to include organic solar cells on textile fabrics. Other novel substrates for our process could also be used.


What output (per square metre) is likely?

If we assume a cell power conversion efficiency of 3% the output would be at most 30W for a solar input of 1000 W per square metre ( we receive at best only about ~850 W per square meter in Scotland); an efficiency of 5% would give 50 W and 10% would give 100 W. Our goal is to extend the efficiency from a base of 5% up to 10% and beyond, which will be achieved through continuous investment and enhancement in our development process, resulting in step measured improvements.

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